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The Leadership in Higher Education (LHE) M.Ed. program is designed to prepare multidimensional leaders through experiences integrating theory and practice. The program develops scholarly practitioners by establishing robust partnerships with community-based organizations and campus-based departments and programs. These partnerships provide field-based internships and exposure to deep content knowledge shared by higher education stakeholders. Theoretical coursework that focuses on real-world experience through the use of case studies and theory-to-practice class activities further support the scholar-practitioner training model. Additionally, coursework and internships build your ability to navigate complex higher education organizational structures, emphasizing the importance of relationships between the centrality of the student experience, organizational dynamics, and change. The program also prepares you for the demanding technological needs of current higher education delivery models and encourages you to stay current in technological systems and trends.

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A Leadership in Higher Education M.Ed. offers opportunities for individuals who seek leadership positions at community colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations. Competencies developed in the program prepare you to assume a wide range of roles that include student life (e.g. residential life, career center, advising, enrollment management, and student activities), academic affairs, financial aid, multicultural affairs, institutional research, P-16 transitions, and nonprofit work that addresses issues of policy and practice. The program is appropriate for individuals who have recently received their baccalaureate degrees and who are interested in entry level positions in higher education settings as well as individuals who are currently working in higher education environments, but who want the necessary tools and networks to change their professional trajectories.

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Higher Education (Ph.D.)  

The College of Education's Higher Education doctoral program offers additional opportunities to examine the unique challenges that exist within the higher education landscape. The Master's program provides a solid foundation to be successful in doctorate programs that focus on Higher Education.   

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