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Summer Quarter 2018 Course Announcement

The (R)Evolution of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

EDC&I 505A (Seattle); B EDUC 520 A (Bothell)

Gloria Ladson-Billings

Kellner Family Chair in Urban Education and Professor of Curriculum and Instruction Emeritus
University of Wisconsin, Madison
President, National Academy of Education

Course Description

The concept of culturally relevant pedagogy has been in the literature for almost 30 years. However, like all generative work such concepts need to evolve and change over time. Today, the import and influence of youth culture must be added to our conceptions of culturally relevant teaching. This course will examine the significance of student learning, cultural competence, and socio-political or critical consciousness. In addition we will examine culturally sustaining pedagogies and hip-hop as drivers of youth culture.

M-F 1:10-5:20PM, July 23rd – August 1st 3 credits, CR/NC

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