The list below includes courses offered by the online Bachelor of Arts in Early Care & Education program. You may take additional courses to meet other UW graduation requirements. You will work with your program adviser to create an individualized course of study.

ECE 201: Introduction to Early Care & Education

ECE 220: Equity in Early Care & Education

ECE 322 Engaging Interactions and Environments: Instructionally Supportive Interactions

ECE 323 Engaging Interactions and Environments: Social and Emotional Support and Well-Organized Classrooms

ECE 401: Introduction to Research in Early Care & Education

ECE 402: Social Policy in Early Care & Education

ECE 419: Family & Community Engagement

ECE 450: Professional Development for Early Childhood Educators

ECE 456: Senior Project

ECFS 301: Early Childhood Curriculum

ECFS 311: Teaching from the Inside Out: Being a Resilient Educator

ECFS 312: Positive Behavior Support in Early Childhood

ECFS 400: Child Observation & Assessment

ECFS 410: Laying the Foundation for Reading: Supporting Language & Literacy Development in Preschool

ECFS 411: Fostering the Development of Young Children’s Mathematics & Science Knowledge & Skills

EDPSY 305: Applied Child Development & Learning

EDPSY 406: Learning & Teaching in Our Changing World

EDSPE 304: Exceptional Children

NSG 432: Infants & Young Children: Risk & Resilience

Courses Outside the Major

In addition to the above courses, students may take other designated online classes through the UW, as well as any course available through UW Summer Quarter, to fulfill their graduation requirements.

Once you are enrolled in the degree program, your academic adviser will give you more information about these specific courses. You will be charged the same per-credit cost for these courses as your degree courses.